Dr. Steve Tyssee

Can You Relate To Any Of These Scenarios?

  • It’s 3pm and like clockwork, you notice that you suddenly feel tired, sluggish, irritated, and ready for bed.
  • You have chronic inflammation and pain that is preventing you from living life on your terms.
  • You’ve tried everything and yet the scale still won’t budge. This can sometimes make you feel hopelessly frustrated.
  • Your lab work is “normal”, but you know you should be feeling better. Right?
  • All day long you dream about going to bed, but when it’s finally bedtime you suddenly can’t fall asleep.
  • You’re overwhelmed by the amount of seemingly conflicting “health” information, making you wonder how on earth you are supposed to eat, sleep, and move your body in the “correct” way.

This was me 6 years ago. It all started when I opened my 2nd physical therapy office. The increased stress levels kicked everything in motion and I began this downward spiral. I was suffering in silence and did not know who to talk to or where to turn. The final straw was my doctor appointment. I was experiencing all of the above and more, yet all my labs came back “relatively” normal. As a physical therapist and “health nut” what was I supposed to do. I was doing all the typical physical therapy treatments, acupuncture, massage, but the aches/pains and fatigue continued. I was taking various supplements, cut back on carbs, dairy and stopped drinking coffee. Yes, I felt better but nowhere near where I know I should or wanted to feel. I began the journey of functional nutrition and functional medicine and it changed my life.

I am on a mission to help others who are suffering just like I was. I am confident if you follow the program, your life will also be changed!

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